10 Ways Mothers Can Connect With Their Daughters

Being a mother with daughters is very special, especially when you make the time to spend time with each other. Although things can be hectic nowadays – school, work, etc. – you should still make time to connect with your children.

Here are 10 ways that moms can have a better relationship with their daughters, and to stay connected with them even as they get older.

  1. Read Together

“Many girls love to read books, no matter their age,” says Donna Huffman, a travel writer at 1 Day 2 write and Writemyx. “As a mom, you can give them a couple of books to read as gifts. Or, you can sit down with them and read books together. It can be like a mini book club for the two of you.”

  1. Be Real

Be real with your daughter. There’s no need to sugar-coat things, or sound condescending to her, because she’ll most likely sense that.

Open communications allow you to avoid potential issues that would’ve kept you two apart. You can start today by having real and honest conversations with them at every possible chance, and even tell stories to them.

  1. Give Daughter Undivided Attention

Giving your daughter your undivided attention is crucial. This allows her to talk to you about her feelings, and what she’s going through at that moment. Don’t ruin this moment by multitasking on things as she’s talking. Plus, make eye contact with her and listen attentively, even if it’s just for five minutes.

  1. Watch And Discuss TV Together

With tons of great shows to binge-watch, and many streaming services to watch from, movie night can be a great experience for mother and daughter.

All you have to do are the following:

  • Find a great show or movie that you and your daughter can get into.
  • Have some snacks – popcorn, drinks, etc.
  • Set a day out of the week to have Movie Night, and have these nights regularly.
  1. Get To Know Her Friends

It’s important to know who your daughter is hanging out with at school and in their neighborhood. Get to know her friends’ parents to make sure that she’s safe and that the parents can act as a reliable system should anything happen to someone.

Here are some great ways to have her and her friends hang out safely:

  • Invite her friends over for sleepovers.
  • Take her and her friends to a movie or a game.
  • Invite her friends to birthday parties.
  1. Be Empathetic

Empathy can go a long way, especially when it comes to understanding your daughter and her emotions. Therefore, be empathetic, when talking to her. Being empathetic allows you to see her as someone who matters, and that she’s understood, thus fostering a deeper connection with her.

  1. Have A Spa At Home

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? So, why not plan a spa day where you and your daughter can do the following:

  • Schedule a spa appointment. OR
  • Create your own spa, where you can pamper each other with any “spa-worthy” products at hand.

No matter how you do it, you can always catch up with them on anything and everything.

  1. Attend Her Events

Whether it’s a sports tournament, a school play, or any other event, it’s crucial to be there for your daughter in no matter what activity she’s into at school or church. Just make sure that, at the event, you congratulate them, and say that they’ve done a good job.

  1. Pray Together

“If you and your daughter are religious, then you two can spend some time praying together,” says Sean Stephenson, a lifestyle blogger at Brit student and PhD Kingdom. “It’s commonly said that a family that prays together stays together, thus creating a very strong bond with each other.”

  1. Share Hobbies

Finally, if you both share the same hobbies and passions, then that’s great! You can share your interests with hers, and deepen that connection with her. And, as always, let her show you the things that she’s passionate about – you might learn something new from it!


As you read these tips on strengthening the connection with your daughters, understand that not everyone is perfect. You might struggle with following these tips. However, that’s part of the process. Everything takes time; so, there’s no need to rush things.

And, when you learn to connect with your daughter, she’ll soon thank you for it; and you can expect this connection to last for many years to come.

Michael Dehoyos is a writer at Cheap Coursework and Academic Brits. He is also a blogger for Thesis help. As a marketer, he improves companies their marketing strategies and concepts.