3 Beneficial Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is approaching quickly. Soon, school will be out, and your children will be home. Without school, there is plenty of downtime during the day. Some children can entertain themselves. Others require assistance or would rather say they are bored repeatedly instead of trying to come up with solutions. Here are some ideas to help fill your child’s summer break with activities that are good for their health and encourage learning.

  1. Swim

Warm temperatures make it the perfect time to cool off in a pool. Public and private pools are very popular on hot days. If you have the resources, beautiful inground pools Jackson MS could be an outstanding solution to summer boredom. This option is incredibly convenient as you do not have to leave your property to swim.

Swimming is a great activity for people of all ages. Endurance and muscle strength improve with this exercise. The entire body benefits from swimming, especially the heart and lungs. Laps, treading water, water aerobics and kick drills are ways to get a good workout while you are in the pool that even children will enjoy. Popular games include Marco Polo, diving for diving sticks, tag and volleyball. Younger children might enjoy a small sailboat or rubber duck race. Adults and kids alike will laugh during cannonball, belly flop or silly jump contents. There are so many possibilities for fun with a pool!

  1. Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt can intrigue curious minds of all ages for hours on end. They can be as straightforward or as complex as you deem necessary, allowing adaptation for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens. However, this idea requires some prep work on the adult’s part but could result in hours of entertainment if done right. Clues can contain riddles, puzzles or age-appropriate educational questions and tasks. There are many ideas and free printable versions online to make this idea easier.

Children will not even realize they are learning while participating because they have so much fun. Young children will learn observational skills, colors, shapes and more. The list of items to find or clues provided can be based on an educational theme, such as a history lesson, or advance in difficulty based on the age of the children. Plus, the children stay active and off of electronic devices. 

  1. Art

Arts are a wonderful creative outlet for children. There is no right or wrong way to make a piece of art, so there is a lot of freedom. The internet is full of awesome ideas, and there are even planned out monthly calendars filled with a simple craft of the day. You could make handprint art for homemade birthday cards for the rest of the year because everyone loves a handmade card! A summer of arts and crafts will increase creativity, improve fine motor skills and more. 

Creative expression can prove an invaluable tool for growth and development, as does the enhancement of neural connections, another noted benefit of regular art practice. Children will have fun. Summer weather allows for projects to be completed outside, which lessens the worry of making a mess with paints or other mediums.

This summer, provide your child with opportunities to work their bodies and minds. Instilling good habits in children from a young age can make these practices lifelong. A focus on health, with emphasis on physical activity and nutrition, teaches the importance of taking care of the body. These lessons can be made fun by cooking healthy meals together or swimming as a family. Limit screen time and sprinkle in these activities and more to entertain your children for a summer you will all enjoy.