Designing a nursery is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for a baby, although it can be slightly stressful trying to plan while you’re limited to gendered designs and decorations. That’s why it might be time to ditch the old-school pink and blue themes and say hello to a gender-neutral nursery, perfect for you and your baby.


Gender-neutral nurseries are a great idea if you’re waiting until birth to know the baby’s gender or planning on having future children. It also works well because gender-neutral designs tend to be a bit more adult in style. While the nursery is the baby’s room, you’ll be spending lots of time in there as well. Here are three different ideas that will help inspire your perfect space.



  1. Build Out an Animal Theme


When it comes to nursery room ideas, an animal theme has been one of the most popular and well-loved designs for decades! Not only are any variations of animal-themed nurseries adorable, but they also allow for creativity because you’re able to personalize it in so many different ways. You can choose to focus on one animal or bring several into the design to add some variety, such as a safari or circus theme.


Not only do animals create a fun adventure for kids, they’re also extremely easy to design with. This allows for flexibility when choosing other decor items that match the color schemes and decor styles. Once you’ve figured out which animal or animals to focus on, bring some elements of their environment into the nursery.


Decorating your baby’s nursery with animal print rugs, indoor plants, and other nature-inspired decals can also add educational value. It creates a fun and visually interesting atmosphere where you can teach your little ones to grow to love and appreciate the world around them.



  1. Put Your Focus on an Accent Wall


An accent wall is a single interior or exterior wall that has more emphasis than the others, setting it apart from the rest of the room. An accent wall can be as simple as a painted wall or it can be a more texturized option like shiplap. Painting an accent wall a gender-neutral color such as green, yellow, or gray is a unique design element that brings color to the space and allows for more creativity and individuality. This is a great way to use bold colors without overwhelming the whole room.


Using shiplap for an accent wall is another great idea for a gender-neutral nursery. Making a shiplap accent wall creates texture within the room, adding a cozier and homier feel to the nursery, perfect for you and your baby. It can be kept neutral or used as a more inviting blank canvas that allows you to hang photos, mirrors, and other wall decor. It’s extremely quick and easy to do, making it a fun weekend project. However, the best thing about a shiplap wall is that it’s an aesthetically pleasing addition to a room that doesn't break the bank.


  1. Design with Neutral Colors


If you’re planning on having more children or just don’t want to regret your design choices in a year or two, using neutral colors for your baby’s nursery might be a great idea for you. Assuming that your style will change over time, neutral colors are a simple solution to that problem. With a quick swap of accessories, wall decals, or furniture, you can have a completely new room without having to pick up a paintbrush.


Along with neutrals giving you total design freedom, the best feature of a neutral color design is that they are timeless. You’ll never grow tired of them. They have a classic appeal and will never go out of style! As the other color trends come and go, the neutral color palette will stand the test of time.


Selecting calming paint colors for the nursery is a great way to create a soothing environment that is customizable for the future. Neutral or lighter colors help a room appear bigger while providing a relaxing feel. Darker colors can make a room feel much tighter which may make it hard to feel relaxed. Your baby’s nursery needs to be a place where you and your baby are able to settle down and unwind peacefully which is why it’s a great idea to keep it bright, neutral, and visually appealing.


Don’t let the pressure of using pink and blue designs distract you from designing your baby’s perfect nursery. Whether you already know the gender or you’re waiting until birth, using gender-neutral design and decor can be easier and allows for more creative freedom. Use these three tips to help you create your new favorite space for you and your little one!