4 Jobs That Allow More Time For Family

There are several things to consider when deciding what career you hope to enter. One major factor is family. Some people plan for their future to include spending a lot of time with their families--both immediate and extended. If this is you then the following careers may suit you.


Become a Teacher 

There are many aspects of being a teacher that benefit someone who wants to spend a lot of time with their family. Teachers have difficult jobs and are not simply during the school hours; however, a teacher's school schedule does allow for a lot of time with family since school is not open on most holidays and typically includes week long breaks in the fall and spring. These regular breaks, along with school being closed on the weekend allows teachers a schedule that most career paths do not get. Additionally, teachers are out of school in the summer which also gives them time to spend with family. Some teachers do sometimes work other jobs during the summer but these jobs are usually part-time, therefore, allowing for more time with family than some other careers allow.


Become a Graphic Designer 

Technology has created a number of new careers and many of these careers have afforded people to work on their own schedules, do jobs based on projects as freelancers and work from home. One such career that allows this time of flexibility and freedom is graphic design. Those who work in graphic design have the choice to work for companies or as freelancers. But working for a company does not mean that a person is tied to an office or their desk. Graphic designers, especially freelancers, can work on a project a little at a time as long as they complete the project by the deadline. This freedom allows the graphic designer to work a flexible schedule. For example, the graphic designer might work on a digital marketing campaign in the early mornings, a few hours during the middle of the day and after their family has gone to bed at night. Whether the job is based on the finished project or per hour, a graphic designer can work a flexible schedule in order to complete the product. This flexibility frees the graphic designer to use their time how they see fit and allows those who wish to spend more time with their family. 


Become a Bus Driver 

Another career in the education field that allows you to spend a lot of time with your family is a bus driver. Like teachers, bus drivers' schedules are limited to the days that school is in session and a few days that are required for the specific position. Bus drivers, however, are able to have time during the day when their services are not needed which gives them a lot of time to spend with family. They also have summers to spend with family as well. 


Become a Writer 

Writers in a variety of areas--journalists, bloggers, authors,--have the opportunity to work flexible schedules which is conducive to spending more time with family. Because writers can write from anywhere, writers are not limited to location and also do not have to worry about a commute which most other careers must factor in. Similar to graphic designers, writers are often project-based and, therefore, are not required to work specific hours. This freedom allows writers to work when it is best for them and their families and allows them to plan their work around their time with their families. 


Final Thoughts

There are many opportunities, thanks to technology but also in some conventional careers, to make your family a priority. If you wish to spend a lot of time with your family, consider the careers mentioned above or those related to them. There is bound to be something that meets your and your family's needs.