6 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep

Every parent is looking for the magic way to help their baby get a good night's sleep. From babies that have trouble falling asleep to babies that wake up during the night, sleeping soundly is a notoriously difficult skill for a baby to master. However, getting a full night's sleep can be the holy grail for overtired parents and a sure way for everyone to have a better day.

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet. Each baby is different, and finding the solution to sleeping troubles is always a process of trial-and-error. Taking the time to find the approach that works for your little one can pay big dividends. Establishing healthy sleep habits with your baby now can result in a lifetime of good sleep hygiene. Here are six techniques for you to try to help your baby get some rest. 

  1. Keep Baby's Room Dark

Light is nature's way of telling us it's time to be awake and active. In addition to room darkening window coverings, reconsider your night light. Make sure that it is as dim as possible while still allowing enough light for you to be able to check on the baby if you need to. Do not illuminate the room more than is absolutely necessary.

  1. Give Baby a Warm Bath and Massage

A warm bath is an excellent way to relax your baby, as well as begin a nighttime routine that triggers sleep for your little one. Before pajamas, give your baby a massage to fully relax them. Young Living essential oils are an excellent addition to either bath or massage to enhance the relaxation effect. Consider chamomile or lavender scents to enhance drowsiness.

  1. Rethink Nighttime Diaper Changes

Changing your baby's diaper in the middle of the night can jostle them fully awake. Avoid extra diaper changes by switching to the nighttime version of a quality brand. The extra absorbency should allow you to skip changes unless the diaper is soiled. If you must change the diaper, use a warm wet washcloth or a warmed wipe, instead of one cold from the package. Doing everything you can to keep the baby drowsy will help get them back to sleep quickly.

  1. Do Not Make Eye Contact

During the day making eye contact with your baby can help build your emotional connection as well as engage them in learning and language. At bedtime, however, eye contact is too stimulating and can cause your baby to think they should stay awake. Avoid looking your baby in the eye as they are getting ready to sleep to help their brain calm down and be ready to drift off.

  1. Keep Regular Bedtime and Wake-Up Time

Just like adults, babies do best when they keep regular hours. By putting your baby to bed at the same time every night you will reinforce the idea of bedtime. By waking your baby up at the same time in the morning you teach them that there is a time to be awake and have fun. By keeping the hours consistent, you ensure that your baby is neither too alert nor overtired when it's time for sleep. 

  1. Play Soft Music Continuously Overnight

Playing soft music in your baby's room overnight can help accomplish different things. The white noise can cover up other noises in the house made by family members who are still awake. Music can soothe your baby into sleep, and if the baby wakes up during the night the fact that it is still playing can prompt them to fall back asleep.

Use these six techniques to help your baby establish a healthy sleeping routine that will benefit them now and throughout their life.