8 of the Coolest Fashion Trends for 2021

After over a year of cozy, comfortable outfits designed for maximum work-from-home compatibility, clothing trends for the upcoming season are geared toward looking your best as you rejoin your social circles and spend more time out and about in the world. Like styles gone by, this season’s fashion has been heavily influenced by decades past, but the year’s lockdowns and rise in social media usage have seen everyday internet users steadily guiding trends in ways the industry hasn’t seen before.

To get in on the hottest trends set by industry leaders and content creators alike, read on for outfit inspiration and tips to put your best foot forward this season.

1. Oversized Blazers

Just a quick browse on the Lipsy site shows this summer-to-fall transition piece in heavy rotation. Oversized blazers are a more laid-back, gender-neutral way to approach layering this season while adding a tailored and put-together vibe to any outfit. Baggier blazers are an incredibly versatile staple piece for your fall wardrobe, and can be worn over a fitted button down shirt and slacks, a floral dress, a jumpsuit or even a t-shirt and jeans.

2. Grunge-Inspired Pieces

The 90s and early 00s are officially here to stay this season, and borrowed trends from this era come with a few contemporary twists. Instead of just a few 90s and 00s inspired pieces, as has been featured in previous seasons, head-to-toe looks with cropped tops, plaid skirts, dresses layered over t-shirts, combat boots, baby tees, silk slip dresses, cropped cardigans and socks peeking over sneakers are this trend’s new standard.

3. Printed Trousers

The florals, plaids and stripes of summer shorts and skirts make their way into fall by way of more structured, tailored pants. Trendsetters of all ages have latched on to this trend. Printed pants can be worn in a variety of settings, from the office to a Friday night concert, and can be paired with neutral tailored tops, boxy graphic t-shirts or a shirt with a complementary print to mix styles and textures.

4. Platforms

Boots, clogs, sandals and sneakers are getting a big lift for the cooler months. Swap your party heels for platforms that give you a lift without placing any stress on your back or leg muscles. Platforms are a lot easier to walk in than equally lifted shoes of seasons past, which makes them a great everyday option.

5. Vibrant Hues

Bright colors aren’t going anywhere, they’re just taking things down a notch. The blues, pinks, purples and oranges that dominated spring and summer have a place in your fall and winter wardrobe thanks to jewel-toned accessories, color-blocking outfits and cold weather friendly pieces in moody shades that help the vibrant jackets, tops and pants in your collection to really pop.

6. Two-Piece Sets

Also known as co-ords, short for coordinating sets, this fashion favorite involves separates that are designed to be worn together. Think of patterned sweaters with matching trousers, pastel cardigans with a skirt in the same hue or a top with pants that is nearly indistinguishable from a jumpsuit. These sets make getting dressed an easy, quick choice that requires little to no imagination on your part while looking just as polished and put together as any other outfit.

7. Loose-Fit Jeans

Tuck your skinny jeans away this season. This year’s jeans are all about the looser fit. Mom jeans, wide and straight leg jeans are at the forefront of this season’s trends. These looser options are flattering on a variety of body types and the extra fabric is far less restricting as skinnier styles. Try pairing loose-fit jeans with a more fitted top to offset the extra material without making you look shapeless or boxy.

8. Vintage Jewelry

Time to raid your grandma’s jewelry box. No matter what else you wear, bold, gold jewelry can take your look to the next level. Grab a few ornate chain necklaces, a string of pearls, a pair of textured earrings or a chunky gold ring inspired by midcentury jewelry. Plus, a piece of vintage jewelry is an excellent conversation starter, which will prove handy during all the long awaited, post-lockdown get-togethers you have coming up this season.