A Guide To Traveling With Your Baby

As any parent knows, babies need a lot of time and attention, not to mention a lot of stuff. From pushchairs and car seats to nappies and bottles, there is an endless list of essentials needed to keep your little one happy and well. 

This is why leaving the house with a young baby can be a bit of a challenge, even if youre just popping to the shop. But now imagine that youve got to travel some distance with your infant - there is a whole lot more you need to consider. 

So, whether youve got to travel for business or pleasure, by car or by plane, we can help. 

In this guide, well look at everything you need to consider if youre going to be travelling anywhere with a baby. 

Is my baby old enough to travel? 

The reality is your baby can travel pretty much right away after theyre born, provided it is safe and secure for them to do so. That being said, you might wish to make your own judgement and avoid travelling with a newborn where possible. It is generally recommended that you wait for at least three months before any lengthy or long-haul travel. 

Whats more, if you intend to fly somewhere, its worth knowing that most airlines will have their own age restrictions for flying in place, though in most cases, babies are safe to fly at just two weeks old. 

Make sure you pack everything you need 

If youre travelling with a baby, you need to make sure youve got everything youre going to need. The last thing you want is to reach your destination and realise youve forgotten something very important. 

Of course, nappies and formula are easy enough to get from the shop, but cots, car seats, prams, etc., are a different story. Therefore, its a good idea to make a list a few days before you plan to travel so you can add items if you notice anything is missing. Then make sure to check your list as you pack to ensure you dont forget anything. 

Consider shipping your belongings ahead of time 

Whether youre travelling by car, train, plane or any other mode of transport, carrying all your belongings can be inconvenient, especially when you have a baby and all their stuff. Even in the car, you might have to cram the boot full, especially if you have other children travelling with you.


As such, we recommend shipping your belongings ahead of time so you dont have to worry about them during your travel. This can be particularly beneficial if youre travelling by plane as you wont have to pay extra, check big items or drag bags around with you whilst you have your baby in tow. 

There are dedicated shipping couriers who can collect your belongings from your chosen address at your chosen time. They will then transport these to the given address; they can be delivered on your chosen date. 

This can make your journey much more enjoyable and cut down on the stress of loading vehicles, dragging bags around and checking in at the airport. Oh, and you wont have to wait for ages at the carousel to collect your bags once you land! You can simply get up and go. 

Make sure you have the important stuff to hand 

Whether you choose to ship your belongings ahead or not, its important that you have all the essentials with you and accessible at all times. For example, you might need your passports or ID, wallet, phone, keys, etc. 

But when travelling with a baby, youll also need to make sure you have a nappy bag to hand, which includes everything your little one might need. Be that wipes, a bottle, a change of clothes, a fold-away changing mat or anything else. 

It doesnt matter how you travel either; you should always have these essentials with you to make your life much easier during the journey and to ensure your baby has everything they need. 

Dont forget the entertainment 

Finally, no matter how old your baby is, youre going to want to entertain them throughout the trip - especially if its a long journey. So, be sure to take some soft toys, shake rattles, teething rings or anything else that normally gets (and keeps) their attention. 

After all, nobody wants a baby crying for the entire journey, least of all you. So be sure to have these to hand whenever you need to quickly grab their attention or distract them. 

Feed your baby during take-off and landing 

If youre going to be flying, it can be a good idea to feed your baby during take-off and landing, as this is when their ears are most likely to suffer under the pressure. This can help to reduce the effects on your baby, relax them and hopefully help them to sleep. This might not always stop them from crying, but it is certainly worth a try.


Make sure you have the right travel equipment 

Finally, you need to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable as you travel, so its important you have the right equipment. If travelling by train or bus, a pushchair will probably suffice, but you also have the option to use a baby sling or wrap. This can make it much easier for you to get about. This can be ideal if youre flying too, as there is not space for a car seat and you dont want to be carrying a small baby for long periods of time. 

If youre going in the car, its vital that you have a sturdy and comfortable car seat, of course. Also, think about car mirrors so you can see your baby during the journey. To ensure they have a comfortable trip, make sure they are warm enough and that you have blankets wherever necessary. 

Not only will this keep them safe and happy and hopefully help them sleep, but it means you can have a more enjoyable journey too.