A New Mom’s Guide To Staying Awake Past Bedtime

Nothing will ever prepare you for the rigors of being a new mother. The late nights and the endless cries have become too regular, while the piping hot coffee that turned cold has become a constant scene on your table. But seeing the angelic face of that tiny human in your arms will be enough to start another day full of promise.  

To say that caring for a baby is complex is an understatement. You need to constantly be alert because you don’t want any mistakes to happen. And it doesn’t help that they don’t sleep at the times that you want them to. But as they say, this will pass. Sooner or later, they will sleep through the night, and you’ll get your good night’s sleep after all.  

In the first few months of your baby’s life, they’ll need your full attention and nurturing. This means you’ll need to try your best to stay awake in the wee hours of the morning when they cry and ask for milk or a diaper change. It could be challenging, but here are a few tips you can try to help you stay awake past bedtime:


  • Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps 

Some babies could be challenging to lure to sleep. Perhaps, you’ve sung all the lullabies and waltzed around the room, and they still look at you with those wide-open eyes. But once you’ve successfully put your baby to sleep, take that opportunity to lie down and recharge. The precious two or three hours of peace, while your baby is asleep, is a golden time for new moms. Don’t take this for granted, and grab some shut-eye. 


  • Take OTC Nootropics 

Nootropics are also called smart drugs because they help improve cognitive function, boost memory, alertness, creativity, and clear brain fog. In recent years they’re believed to have helped children with ADHD cope with learning because the drug improves their focus and attention. Also, those with dementia take them to slow down cognitive decline, while OTC nootropics are taken by students to help them with their exams and academic requirements. 

As a new mom, if you’re having a difficult time staying awake past bedtime to attend to your newborn child. Seek your doctor’s advice about taking nootropics. You can also check out what resources such as Wholistic Research says about them.


  • Diffuse Essential Oils 

Essential oils are great to keep your home smelling divine and relaxing. Some essential oils can also calm you down, help you de-stress, and even lull you to sleep. But when you diffuse peppermint or rosemary, they can help keep you alert and awake. 

The cool, refreshing, and sharp aroma of peppermint can give your brain a jolt and keep you energized and alert. Meanwhile, when combined with a bit of spice like cinnamon and ginger, rosemary can improve your well-being and boost productivity.  


  • Do A Mild Exercise

A short cardio workout can help release endorphins and keep you awake. You can do this while listening to upbeat music on your earphones, so you don’t wake your baby up.  

On the other hand, if exercising is not possible, whenever you feel like your body is dragging you down, you can take a leisurely walk outside, even for just a few minutes, to keep your mind awake. If you can’t take a stroll outside, walk around the room. Keeping your body active will take your mind off sleep. 


  • Eat A Healthy Snack 

As a new breastfeeding mom, you must constantly be nourished, and eating healthy, protein-rich snacks will benefit you. Try to veer away from snacks laden with sugar since it can give you the immediate lift you need but will also bring you down once the sugar high goes down. Instead, opt for those that can give you energy and help keep you awake. This can include nuts, granola bars, celery sticks with peanut butter, yogurt, and fresh fruits.


  • Watch Something Interesting 

An exciting movie can help stimulate your brain and help you stay up. If you’re not a movie buff, something engaging, like a reality show, can prevent you from falling asleep. Similarly, a TV series with a riveting storyline can keep your eyes open. By indulging yourself with some entertainment, you can keep your brain alert. 


  • Open The Lights 

A dark, gloomy room can automatically send your body signals that it’s time to lie down. This is your body’s circadian rhythm telling you that it’s time to sleep. You can counter that by turning on the lights and keeping the room bright. 


  • Alternate Your Activities 

Doing a certain task for a prolonged period can sometimes make you lose focus and feel bored. So, consider alternating your activities to make even the most mundane task look fascinating and exciting.



Being a new mother is a milestone many yearn to reach. It could be daunting, but it can also be very rewarding. The first few months will always be the hardest, and if you’re having challenges, never hesitate to ask for help, and don’t deny the support people around you offer. 

Napping, taking supplements, eating healthy snacks, and keeping yourself entertained can significantly help you on this journey. But what you always need to remember is to look after and prioritize your welfare, especially since you can’t pour from an empty cup.