Baby Room Details That Make Parenting Easier

Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, having a new baby always demands a little extra from parents. When it comes to laying out the baby room, putting a little extra thought into practical details will go a long way to making life easier for new parents. Find more enjoyment and less stress in baby's first few months with these simple furniture and accessory ideas you can include in your baby's room.


Keep It Within Reach

When you are deciding how to lay out the baby room, room size will often determine how many options you have. In a small space you may not have very many options, and in a large space you may have so many options it can be overwhelming.


If you are dealing with a large room, think about creating zones in the room for specific functions. Create a cozy reading area by adding a soft rug, book rack, some floor cushions, a soft fleece fabric blanket, and maybe even a sweet little tent. You can then create a separate area that serves as a play space, a nursing area with the rocker, and the very practical diaper changing zone. Creating zones keeps everything you need for the activity at hand nearby so that you can stay engaged and not have to jump up and get something across the room. For tired parents, that can often be more of an inconvenience than it sounds like, so try to keep what you need within arm's reach.


If you're short on space, think about how you can combine functions. Instead of having a changing table, for instance, you could set up for changing to occur on a comfy sheepskin or pad placed on the floor, which may also be where you play with your new baby. Keep all of your changing supplies in a bin or bottom dresser drawer nearby so that you can easily reach the diapers, wipes, and ointments you need at changing time. Other space savers include fitting storage under the crib for toys and other baby items and hanging an organizer on the back of a door so that you can organize supplies, clothing, and other items that you need on a daily basis within easy reach


Add Cozy Details

A comfortable nursing rocker is a must for any baby room. Instead of a footstool, if you enjoy foot rubs then consider placing an electric shiatsu foot massager at the foot of your rocker so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage while you feed your baby. It can be hard to fit in self-care time as a new parent, so little touches like this go a long way to helping you get the nourishment you need while you nourish your little one.


Also, think about adding a bed, even just a small comfortable one, to the baby room. This bed can provide a place for you to lie down and sleep between nighttime feedings. It allows you another option for resting your tired head, because some nights the walk back to your own bed might just feel like too much. If you think the room doesn't have space for a bed, try a narrower type of bed that sits on the floor directly, such as a shikibuton, which is a traditional Japanese floor futon bed.


Consider a cool mist humidifier that allows you to add baby-safe essential oils for creating a calming and relaxing environment. An air purifier that has ultra-quiet operation may also enhance the air quality and enjoyment of the space, and as a plus these often cut back substantially on the amount of dusting that a room needs, meaning you have one less thing to clean, which is music to a new parent's ears.


For parents, the more you can relax and enjoy your new baby, the sweeter life will be for all of you, so be sure to prioritize your comfort and ease over style and looks when it comes to your baby's room. Make it an oasis you enjoy retreating to and it will feel like a safe and happy place for both you and your new baby.