Best Adventure Activities In Kenya

Kenya is a great destination for people looking to have adventure and fun outdoors. It has multiple landscapes and natural features. All of these offer a different experience, from high rocky mountains to beaches on the coast. As you plan your country tour, add the following places to your list.

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  1. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a popular adventure activity for people who love being outdoors. Kenya has some great indoor rock climbing spaces. However, these do not offer the same experience as outdoor natural hiking spots. Both beginner and experienced climbers can try out a couple of spots in Kenya, like Hells Gate National Park in Naivasha and Lukenya Hills. Leukemia Hills, in particular, is known as a great rock-climbing destination.

  1. Camping

Kenya is also perfect for camping, thanks to the many national parks and conservancies. Some people prefer to bring their tents and camp outdoors in nature. This experience is exciting, and it also comes with its unique pros and cons. You can also camp in places like the Amboseli Bush Camp, designed to give visitors the outdoor experience within a well-designed environment.

  1. Hiking

People who love being in the open air love hiking for its many benefits. It is a refreshing outdoor experience, often with great views and weather. It can also be combined with another activity, like a picnic. Kenya has many popular hiking spots, like Mount Longonot, Mount Kenya, the Aberdare Ranges, and even Ngong Hills. You can pick any of these spots, depending on how challenging you want the hike to be.

  1. Boat tours

Kenya has many lakes, thanks to the Great Rift Valley. There is a collection of salty and freshwater lakes, and they are all great for boat tours. Visitors flock to places like Lake Naivasha and book boat rides with their friends or family. You can also enjoy a boat tour of towns or islands on the coast of Kenya. For example, visitors in Malindi can take rides to the marine park and see all kinds of marine life.

  1. Kite surfing

The fun activities to be experienced along the Indian Ocean shore in Kenya also extend beyond boat rides. Popular tourist attractions like Watamu offer kite surfing to visitors who want to try water sports. Sports teams in the area also offer lessons to first-time learners and equipment and repairs for those who love kitesurfing.

  1. Scuba diving

Aside from water sports, scuba diving is another fun experience for visitors to the Kenyan coast. Many places along the shore have marine parks and tour sites to view the coral reef and other life forms. For this adventurous activity, you can visit Diani, Mombasa, Watamu, and Malindi. The guides help with equipment, safety, and knowing what places to try out.

  1. Whitewater rafting

The Tana and Sagana Rivers in Kenya have large drops and currents that often attract groups looking to try out whitewater rafting in the country. While many people would probably think of ocean sports, rafting in rivers is also lots of fun and even more adventurous. It is often done in teams, and you can tour the spots with a group of friends if you like the activity.

  1. Bungee jumping

Many activities will pump your adrenaline for those who prefer fun on dry land. Bungee jumping is one of them and is also widely popular as an outdoor experience in Kenya. The country has picturesque areas and great weather for most of the year. You can try it in places like Rapids Camp, located in Sagana. There are trained teams on location to help guide you through the process and ensure your harness is secured for the jump.

  1. Ziplining

Ziplining may be considered similar to bungee jumping because they both involve suspension from a high area. However, ziplining is a lot less scary and might be the first step for people who are new to these activities. You can try ziplining in Kereita, Sagana, Redhill in Limuru, and even Ngong. The venue you choose will depend on convenience or the package fees.

  1. Walking safaris

Kenya is among the African countries known for having reserves and national parks filled with wildlife. Places like the Nairobi National Park and the Maasai Mara Reserve attract multitudes of people each year. You can choose different kinds of trips, including walking safaris. These bring you close to the animals and offer quite the thrill. Walking safaris involve hikes through natural landscapes like plateaus in areas with fascinating wildlife. You can also be on the back of animals like camels, which is less exhausting. Tour guides accompany visitors on these safaris.

Kenya offers the best of both indoor and outdoor activities. It is easy to grow comfortable doing social activities like going out to eat. However, exciting outdoor experiences should also be on your list as you tour the country.