Family Vacation Destinations

Is your family clamoring for a vacation? If so, then it's time to consider your next family vacation destination. Perhaps you're at a loss for ideas. Then read on for some options that will make your vacation a marvelous success.

Fun at the Beach

Perhaps you're a family of beach-goers. You like nothing better than to relax in the sun and swim in the ocean. Then book a room or two at a beautiful resort hotel like Island Cay at Clearwater Beach and get ready to bask on the beach. You can enjoy all your favorite activities like building sandcastles, surfing and collecting seashells, or you might branch out a bit and go parasailing or scuba diving. Don't neglect to sample the local cuisine either or visit some places frequented by area residents.

A City Trip

There's nothing quite like exploring all that a city has to offer. You and your family might spend your next vacation in a city you've never visited, checking it out from top to bottom. Begin by researching the city before your trip, and make a list of all the places you want to see. Include an activity or two for every family member. You might choose a large city like Atlanta, Georgia, and spend your days at the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Botanical Garden or World of Coca-Cola. Even a smaller city has plenty to offer. In Duluth, Minnesota, for instance, you can check out the famous lift bridge, visit the historic Glensheen Mansion or take a ride on Lake Superior in an excursion boat.

A Wilderness Adventure

Maybe your family isn't much for city life, and you prefer time in the great outdoors instead. In that case, consider a wilderness adventure for your next family vacation. You might book a campsite in a state or national park or spend time at a resort out west. The former would offer a rugged experience to test your wilderness skills, the latter a combination of outdoor fun and comfortable amenities. You may also think about touring famous places like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon for incredible vistas and memories that will last a lifetime.

Historical Enjoyment

The history buffs in your family would have a blast if you decide to turn your vacation into a jaunt through the past. You might tour Civil War or Revolutionary War battlefields, for instance. Gettysburg is a good choice for the Civil War. Read about the battle ahead of time, and then explore the battlefield and accompanying museums in depth. You may also enjoy living history experiences like those provided by Colonial Williamsburg. If the budget doesn't extend that far, study the history of your own area by visiting museums and historic sites.

An Experience Abroad

As a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you may decide to take your family on a trip abroad. First, choose your destination. You might want to visit Europe, either one or two countries or a full tour. Just make sure you stay within your budget. Research thoroughly, and plan meticulously. Book transportation and hotel rooms ahead of time, and make sure that all family members have passports and are set up for international travel. Brush up on some foreign language phrases, too. You should also get a sense of what you'd like to see when you're abroad. Leave room for spontaneity, though, and don't just stick to typical tourist destinations. Rather, get a sense for how people really live in the places you visit. Explore their neighborhoods; shop in family-owned stores; and try small cafes. Be sure you follow local customs with regard to etiquette, and immerse yourself in the culture. You'll never forget this trip.

With some careful planning and effort, your next family vacation can be something special, so start making your preparations.