Getting Your Home Baby-Ready: A Comprehensive Guide

Anticipating the arrival of a newborn can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. It's common to feel overwhelmed about setting up your home for the newest family member. Even royals like Prince Harry and Meghan likely had their share of pre-baby jitters. Dive into these 10 essential steps to make your home baby-friendly.

Strategize Your Move

It's best to time it early in your pregnancy journey. This ensures you avoid the dual challenges of late pregnancy discomfort and the logistics of relocation. However, if circumstances dictate a move closer to your baby's arrival, meticulous planning is key. Enlist help and always keep your health in focus. For storing baby essentials, especially when space becomes a premium, explore storage options. And for a special touch in your new space, consider adding personalised baby blankets

Future-Proof the Nursery

  • Instead of a baby-centric nursery, envision a room that grows with your child.
  • Platforms like Pinterest and Houzz offer inspiration for timeless children's rooms.
  • Prioritize other home areas over the nursery initially, as it won't be the baby's primary space for a while.

Pre-Cook and Store

  • Stock up on frozen homemade meals for the hectic post-birth phase.
  • Opt for easy-to-freeze dishes like pasta sauces, curries, and stews.
  • Encourage loved ones to gift practical items like meals over traditional baby gifts.

Assemble a Ground Floor Kit

  • With babies using up to 12 diapers daily, ensure essentials are accessible to avoid frequent trips upstairs.
  • A basket with necessities like diapers, wipes, and spare clothes can be a lifesaver.

Declutter Proactively

  • Babies come with a plethora of items. Use early pregnancy to declutter and make space.
  • Consider storage solutions or selling items you won't need post-baby.

Opt for Clever Storage

  • Post decluttering, invest in storage that accommodates baby items efficiently.
  • Consider a trip to stores like Ikea for functional storage solutions.

Redefine Lighting

  • Adjust lighting to suit nighttime baby needs.
  • Incorporate dimmer switches and soft lamps for a conducive sleep environment.

Optimize Room Layouts

  • Visualize daily routines with the baby and adjust room layouts accordingly.
  • Ensure clear, hazard-free paths, especially for nighttime baby care.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

  • Post-birth, your clothing needs will shift.
  • Store non-fitting clothes and invest in comfortable and functional post-partum attire.

Deep Clean Your Home

  • A clean environment is essential for the baby.
  • Consider professional cleaning services or enlist help from friends and family.
  • Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products or DIY natural solutions.

Storing Excess Items If you're considering storage for items during the baby-prep, numerous self-storage solutions offer flexible terms. Ensure you choose a secure and accessible option.


Remember, preparing your home for a baby is a journey. Take it one step at a time and enjoy the process.