Hope for Fatigued Parents of Special Needs Children

Everyone experiences fatigue, but parents of special needs children often experience this to a greater degree. Caring for these kids can present physical, mental and emotional stresses that can directly cause exhaustion. Admitting that your children’s care can feel burdensome at times doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids; it just means that you are a human with limitations. So use the following information from Woombie to help recognize and treat signs of fatigue that can show up in even the most selfless and dedicated of parents.


Determine the Causes of Your Fatigue

Don’t dismiss your difficulties; Medical News Today points out that they can lead to quality-of-life issues for both you and your children. Children can sense their parents’ stress and possibly develop behavioral, anxiety and sleep problems as a result. Take a self-inventory and ask yourself if you:

  • Are happy with your overall effectiveness as a parent
  • Get enough quality sleep
  • Have a support system
  • Exhibit signs of anxiety or depression
  • Devote enough time to your spouse and yourself


If your self-analysis produced some uncomfortable results, understanding that you’re not alone in facing these issues helps. Most parents in your situation experience some of the same difficulties that you do, but you can reduce their impact by first recognizing that you have a problem.


Address and Overcome Fatigue

Once you’ve diagnosed your problems, it’s time to ask yourself what you can reasonably do to overcome them. Consider joining support groups, hiring a babysitter so you can have a date night with your spouse, writing a blog or seeing a doctor or therapist for anxiety and depression issues.


BetterUp notes that self-care makes you a better parent. Every airline passenger is told, “Please place the oxygen mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.” This basically means that you can’t help others effectively if you don’t take care of yourself first. That same rule can be applied to life as the parent of a special needs child.


Self-care means different things to every person, but there are a few things you can consider doing:


Make Changes in Your Home Environment

Whether it’s painting the walls, adding an aquarium or just removing clutter, making relatively easy, positive changes in your home can provide a mental boost to everyone in the household.


Pursue Personal Goals

One of the most important things you can do is to allow yourself to be a person with needs rather than just a parent. Omar Itani explains that having enough “alone time” or focusing on personal goals provides many benefits, such as stress relief and a sense of fulfillment. What are your interests, and how can you include them in your busy life?


For those who have found their jobs less and less fulfilling, heading in a different direction is an option, whether that involves getting a new job in your field or changing careers altogether. Before leaving your current job, you’ll want to have an updated resume on hand. Fortunately, a resume template may help. By using an online template for free, you can customize and edit your CV within minutes. Once completed, you’re able to download for either printing or saving as a PDF and sending out to prospective employers.


If launching a business is something you’ve dreamt of, starting a business might seem like a lot of work and just not doable for parents; however, owning your own business can allow a more flexible schedule and provide new avenues for creativity. If this sounds good to you, consider structuring your business as a limited liability company (LLC). Check your state’s regulations governing LLCs. Benefits include less paperwork, tax advantages and limited liability.


Going back to school is easier than ever with the flexibility and availability of online courses. Whether you’re interested in earning a bachelor's or just taking classes focusing on areas of interest, it’s satisfying to do so.


When forming your self-care plan, be careful. Don’t put too much attention on yourself and fall behind in your responsibilities. As your children will suffer from your fatigue, they may also suffer if you withdraw into yourself too fully.


Take Care of Yourself

Realizing that your fatigue is real and should be treated is essential. Create a self-care plan that includes dealing with fatigue, getting enough “you time,” looking forward with an updated resume, and which balances your needs with the needs of the rest of your family. In time, everyone will benefit.


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