How to Make Motherhood a Little Easier

Motherhood is one of the most wonderful jobs in the world. Being a mom is equal parts fulfilling and exhausting, with very high highs that make you feel on top of the world and lows that often leave you with nothing left to give at the end of the day. With a job as exciting and draining as motherhood, fatigue and burnout are just part of the gig.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat the fatigue and stress that come with being a mom. Read on for helpful ways to make life a little bit easier, so you can enjoy all the peaks of motherhood without drowning in the pits.

Make a Meal Plan

Any mother can tell you that mealtime around the house is not always a blissful, stress-free experience for everyone involved. Even working moms who have experience in fine dining settings with first-class restaurant equipment are inundated with bad reviews spouted forth by tiny, picky eaters. As well, sometimes it’s hard to find time to make a nutritious, satisfying meal the whole family can enjoy when you’re constantly pulled in several directions at once.

It takes a little bit of work up front, but a meal plan will save you a lot of time and energy throughout the week. Try to plan each day and shop or order food or groceries ahead of time so you don’t spend any precious energy on weeknights wondering what to have for dinner.

Stick to a Schedule

People, even small ones, thrive with clear expectations and structure. Get a family calendar that you can display for all to see that includes important dates, outings, assignments, appointments or even fun holidays to look forward to. On your own, make sure each day is relatively structured so everyone knows what to expect throughout the day. Keep in mind that hiccups will inevitably happen, so while you should adhere to a schedule, keep at least an hour of wiggle room in the event of any obstacles or lags.

Ask for Help

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working mom, stepmom, single mom, foster mom or any other classification, motherhood is more than a full-time job. Many moms also end up in a managerial role when it comes to their household, which adds to the amount of responsibility and stress. Take a realistic look at what you can feasibly accomplish within a day, and try to stick to that. Anything else that falls outside of those bounds should be outsourced or handed off to a partner, friend, family member or hired help.

Reduce Clutter

When you have a tantruming toddler, a sick five-year-old or a colicky newborn at home, the addition of clutter can make it harder to deal with parenthood. Children and clutter often go hand-in-hand, but the effects of visual clutter on your and your children’s nervous systems are significant. The more organized your space is, and the more neat and clean your home appears, the easier it will be for you to navigate. As well, a clean space is easier to relax in, which can help with meltdowns for both you and your child.

Practice Self Care

There’s often little time at the end of each day to do something just for you, so if you wait to try to fit in self-care in windows that just pop up during the day, you’re not likely to spend as much time rejuvenating and refreshing as you need. Consider self-care a non-negotiable part of your day, even if it’s just ten minutes of alone time to stretch, listen to music, take a quick bath or just be alone in your room with a favorite sparkling water.

Avoid Comparisons

In the digital age, it’s easy to look at the highlight reels shared online and compare your seemingly messy life to what appears to be a bunch of other perfect ones. Comparison is truly the thief of joy, and the more time you spend appraising your efforts as inferior, the less you get to spend celebrating all of your wins and successes. Take time every day to pat yourself on the back. You’re exactly who your children need you to be, and that deserves to be celebrated.