How To Start a Side Hustle While Being a Mom

You are a busy mother who loves spending time with your child. However, you might be wondering how you can help your family out by earning additional money. The thought of earning money from a job is tempting, but you can’t justify the costs of a babysitter, daycare, or a nanny. How can you bring in money while still being a busy mother? Starting a side hustle is one option, and it might be easier than you realized. Check out these suggestions that can help you make it possible to help contribute to your family financially.

Think of Ideas That Can Work For Your Lifestyle

First, think about what type of side hustle or small business you would like to do that would work for your lifestyle. Are there certain days or hours you absolutely cannot work? Establishing some boundaries now can make it easier later on, and it can even be a final deciding factor in what type of business you end up pursuing. The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas of what type of business to start. Anything from dog walking and pet sitting to running a laundry service or creating an Etsy shop are just some of the ideas you can get started with.

Create Your Business Between Naps and Playtime

Start researching, making a business plan, and working on your business as your child naps or is distracted by playing. Although it might sound like a tall order at first, working on your side hustle while your child is doing something else can help you create a launching point while you figure out the next step. You can form an action plan while spending as little money as possible to get your business set up. Don’t forget to research the competition and find out what they are doing. This is a good time to see if there is an unmet need that you can fill.

Start Advertising Your Company

Once you have a plan and settle on the products or services you want to offer, your next step should be to advertise. You might want to research free methods that can help you spread the word without spending a lot of money, such as establishing a social media presence or using word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to invest if you need to, though. Advertising should be viewed as part of the sales process and is necessary to generate revenue.  Getting your side hustle off the ground can be tricky at first, so depending on how soon you want to see your first sales, you’ll need to keep at it.

Take Your Child With or Work While They Sleep 

Since you’ve likely picked a side hustle that will work with the needs of your child, either take them with you when you do the work, like picking up a customer’s laundry for your at-home laundry service, or work while they sleep. You will likely have to find pockets of time throughout your day to get everything done, but it is possible, especially when you are first starting out and don’t have that many customers. Working in this manner can help you and your child get used to a routine with your business, so you’ll both know what to expect as time goes on and your workload increases.

Get Your First Reviews 

If you have a social media presence as part of your advertising plan, you’ll likely have a place where customers can leave reviews. Make sure you encourage them to do so since this allows others to learn more about your company and can persuade them to go with your product or service.

If you are a mom who is looking to start your own side hustle, it’s important to find something that will work with your lifestyle. Creating a business plan and advertising is just as important as running the business. Make sure you get your first reviews, and you might be surprised by the revenue you can bring in, even while taking care of your child!