Moving with Your Baby: Tips for a Smooth Process

Moving houses is a challenging process, especially if there's a baby involved. You won't have to take care of one thing but two - relocation and your baby. Besides keeping your child happy, healthy, and alive, you'll have a tone of things to do moving-wise - decluttering, cleaning, packing, transporting, and then everything from the top when you arrive at your new home. It all sounds like a lot, and, to be honest, it is. However, it's not impossible. This situation is pretty manageable if you plan it properly. So, to help you and give you peace of mind, we gathered a few tips for a smooth process when moving with your baby. Shall we?

Prepare your baby for the change

No matter how young or old we are, we can always feel when something's changing in our lives. Babies maybe can't comprehend the complexity of relocation, but they can certainly feel that their family is going through a transition. That's why you need to prepare them emotionally. Even though your baby can't talk, you can speak to them. Tell them about the process in a soothing voice. Talk about your new home and how everything will be beautiful and fresh. Be happy around them and transfer your happy energy to them. On the other hand, try not to be around your baby when you feel stressed. They can feel that too, and it can cause them to be anxious.

Additionally, bring your baby to the new home before moving into it. Go through every empty room and explain to them what it will become once you move in. Let them feel the house and your energy in it. It will calm your baby and help them with the transition.

Time the packing process perfectly

When it comes to moving with your baby, you need to make a proper plan for every step of the process. That includes packing. Now, this is a tricky one. You'll have to time it perfectly. What does this mean?

Simply put, don't do it too soon and don't leave it for the last minute. If you pack your belongings too soon, you'll have a house full of cardboard boxes. This is extremely difficult to deal with if you live in a smaller house or apartment. Additionally, it's not a safe environment for your baby, especially if your child has just started crawling. You don't want them crawling through big old boxes and bumping their head every two seconds.

On the other hand, if you wait until the last minute to pack, you will lose control over the whole process. Admittedly, it's not possible to take care of the baby and pack your entire house in two days. You'll need more time to pack everything. Therefore, you'll have to find the golden middle when it comes to packing.

Of course, you can always hire professionals to help you with this. However, there are still some things you'll have to do on your own.

Hire trustworthy movers

Let's be honest for a second, shall we? No matter how capable, responsible, and organized you are, you can't pull relocation on your own, especially if you're moving with your baby. You'll need help from professional movers. Therefore, you need to find a reliable and trustworthy crew of experts who will help you handle this process trouble and stress-free. 

The best thing about hiring a moving company is that they can help you pack, load, and unload the moving truck. Since you have a baby to take care of during relocation, this will help you enormously. You won't have to carry your child in one hand and your items in the other. Not that this is possible or safe, anyway. As a plus, you'll be sure your stuff is safe and sound in the hands of these professionals. So, it's a win-win situation.

Additionally, find someone who will help you organize your home when you unload all your belongings from the moving truck. This isn't a job you can do by yourself. So, find adequate help. 

Pack your baby's essentials in one box

Depending on how far you're relocating, you might not have the strength and energy to unpack your boxes all at once the moment you arrive. We thus suggest that you pack a single box with everything your baby will require in the first 24 hours after you arrive, aka the essentials box. Here is the list of things you'll need (feel free to add everything else you think you'll need):

  • diapers and wipes
  • pajamas and an outfit or two for the next day
  • baby bathtub, shampoo/body wash
  • formula and the bottle
  • pacifier or two
  • sleep sack and blanket
  • spoons and food (if your baby's not on the milk anymore) 
  • favorite toy for animation 

By packing these essentials into one box, you'll avoid unpacking all of your boxes just to find your baby's binky. Additionally, you'll always know where your baby's things are throughout the process of relocation and settling in. 

Make the transition easier for your baby

Just like you have to prepare your baby for the change, you also have to make the transition easier for them once you move. So how can you help kids settle into a new home? For example, you can put your baby's crib in your bedroom, so the baby feels it's close to you and your partner. This doesn't have to be for a long time, just for a week or two.

Additionally, make sure you make the baby's room feel safe and cozy for them. Even if they're not sleeping in that room from the beginning, try to spend more time in it during the day, so they get comfortable being in it. Of course, the most important thing is creating a routine and being positive about this change. Once you start feeling relaxed and happy, your baby will too!

Moving with your baby - The final thoughts 

Yes, moving with your baby won't be an easy process. Having a tiny human you have to take care of 24/7 isn't making this process any easier. However, it's not impossible. With these tips for a smooth relocation, you'll go through it trouble-free. Just follow our advice, and you'll be in your new home sooner than you think. Good luck!

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