Santa Monica's Ultimate Family Bucket List for Kids and Parents Alike

Looking for a fun and family adventure on the sun-kissed California coast of Santa Monica? Whether you're going on a family trip or a yearly adventure with the gang then you may want to check this list to add to your itinerary. Santa Monica is known for its iconic pier, huge and expensive beaches, and other family-oriented attractions.

It's a perfect family getaway because of its welcoming atmosphere and mild climate. An excellent space for families looking to create forgettable memories with their loved ones and kids. 

Here's to a myriad of special activities designed for kids to ensure every moment spent is filled with joy and laughter. 

Top Family Attractions in Santa Monica

Family getaways are always an excellent time to create unforgettable memories and strengthen your bonds. So if you're heading to California, particularly to Santa Monica, here are some of the best and must-try Santa Monica activities for kids that will surely be on their favorite list of visited places.

Santa Monica Pier: Rides, Games, and Oceanfront Fun

If you're up for classic entertainment then the Pier is a sure must-visit. With its solar-powered Ferris wheel, arcade games, and carousel, one cannot deny its beauty and excitement for all ages alike. 

It's also an excellent chance to teach your kids fishing off the pier where it doesn't require any license to catch a fish during the day. .

Tongva Park: An Urban Oasis with Play Areas and Picnic Spots

The meandering paths, stunning gardens, and interactive play areas make this park stand out. You can bring on your picnic and enjoy the fresh air with your children while they play in the inventive playground with thousands of pieces of equipment for them to explore. 

Annenberg Community Beach House: Pools, Playgrounds, and Beach Access

One of the best public facilities to check is the Annenberg Community Beach. It offers an amazing beachside enjoyment for the whole family to enjoy. They offer a play area, a historic pool, and a splash pad that are all ideal for families to swim, release the sun,  and lounge.

Outdoor Activities for Families

If you're more of an outdoor adventurer and you want your kids to explore with you then this list of activities is a must-visit. 

Beach Day Delight: Best Spots for Sandcastle-Building and Surfing Lessons

Take advantage of Santa Monica's shore and its classic beach. You can build sandcastles or check for surfing lessons for beginners and even the rolling waves for you and your family. There are plenty of local surf schools that offer lessons and ensure the fun and safe beginnings of your wave-riding adventures.

Bike Rental Shops and Routes: Exploring the 26-Mile Bike Path

Cyclists will surely love Santa Monica as it's one of the friendliest and offers a dedicated path with stunning views for safe riding. You can rent a bike or a family cycle and check out the famous bike trails that stretch along the coastline of Santa Monica. 

There are plenty of stops and amazing play areas with notable sites while biking with your family. 



Parks and Recreation: Top Picks for Family Picnics and Playground Fun

There is also a huge green space in the city complementing Santa Monica's state beach park. They offer playgrounds and even picnic areas so families can enjoy an outdoor game, and food, and savor the ocean breeze.

Indoor Activities for Kids

Just in case the weather is not as you expected then there are still a lot of indoor activities you can check with your family and kids. From interactive museums to life encounters and conservation centers, you can have plenty of fun on and off the sun. 

Cayton Children's Museum: Interactive Exhibits and Creative Play

Visit the Clayton Children's Museum where there are five exhibit wings to feed imagination discovery and social responsibility. Since it's an indoor haven you can have plenty of time to educate and play seamlessly.

Santa Monica Aquarium: Sea Life Encounters and Conservation Education

Take your chance to get up close and personal with marine life at the Santa Monica Aquarium. There are plenty of things to do in this intimate space which allows children to watch shark feedings, touch starfish, and the local ecosystems importance. 

Discover the Wonders: The Museum of Flying

If your kid is an aspiring pilot or planning to pursue aviation then this is a must-visit place. There are plenty of educational displays, vintage aircraft, and even interactive activities for the whole family to enjoy. It will surely inspire young aviators to pursue their dreams and get a first-hand approach. 

Family-Friendly Dining in Santa Monica

Of course, culinary experience will always be on the list of every family getaway. Santa Monica caters to every health conscious and has a myriad of plates in their dining scene. You can enjoy local fresh produce with the ocean views at different restaurants, including The Lobster.

It's an excellent place for kids to enjoy the view and feed their hungry tummy with a delicious meal. 

Practical Tips for Families

If you want to make the most of your next trip with the family then you might want to check out these practical tips for a memorable trip in Santa Monica. 

  • Try going over the weekend afternoons on the pier as it will be very crowded.
  • If you go to the beach, take with you sun protection, water-friendly shoes and extra towels.
  • Take advantage of the metro Expo Line or Big Blue bus for convenient transportation 

Final Words

There are plenty of places to create memorable experiences with your family and kids in Santa Monica. From exploring parks to learning new things at museums, and relaxing on the beaches,  this city guarantees a relaxing and amazing visit.