The Best Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy When You Are Pregnant

Fitness and physical activity are important aspects of a happy and healthy life, and this is even more important when you are pregnant. Because you are growing a human being, some medical considerations and factors can change the way that you engage in physical exercise. Most pregnancies, especially for those who were already active, allow you to continue with exercising; however, you may need to make modifications and you must consult your doctor. If you are pregnant and want to stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy, here are useful exercises and a few things that you need to know.


One of the most important considerations of physical activity is the amount of pressure and impact that it can cause the baby. Swimming is an ideal exercise because of the low-impact but level of intensity and full-body muscle activation. With a pool, there is natural resistance that can help you build muscle and help you stay fit, and this comes in handy, especially as your pregnancy progresses. The expense of inground pool prices will prove to be worth it when you have a workout space and relaxation zone in the comfort of your backyard. Water is a great asset to anyone also needing to relax after stress builds up in the body from the physical effects of the pregnancy itself.


Yoga is another exercise that can be a wonderful outlet when you are pregnant. While you can do most stretches and poses in the early stages of your pregnancy, there are also modifications that you can make along the way. Prenatal yoga classes are also a wonderful way to continue with your practice that will take into consideration the health restrictions and health of the baby. Not to mention that focusing on breathwork and building up your breathing techniques can be immensely beneficial when it comes time to give birth.


Low impact physical activity like walking can be a great way to spend time connecting with nature while getting some exercise. Strolls around parks, the neighborhood or even indoor facilities can get you up and moving without requiring significant energy output. With many pregnancies, many people experience significant fatigue, and you never want to overexert yourself.

For many who are accustomed to running, walking does not always feel sufficient. While many runners continue running through much of their pregnancy, this is not feasible for everyone and can also change on a dime. You should always consult your healthcare professionals whenever you are thinking about exercise during your pregnancy, especially when the activity results in a high impact.

Strength-Building Exercises

Many find themselves hesitant about strength-building exercises while pregnant; however, the right combination can prove to be positively impactful to the birthing process. When you focus on building muscle and strength, these often rely on low-impact repetitive exercises, targeting specific muscle groups. You must avoid twisting, laying on your back, stressing your belly and causing stress on the baby; however, as long as you prioritize exercise safety, this can be immensely helpful. You may be surprised to learn that this type of exercise can get your heart pumping, but it can also prove to be a useful tool in staying healthy throughout your pregnancy without causing undue stress.

Medical Advice

Throughout your pregnancy, you should be consulting your medical professionals. While staying fit is an important part of a healthy life, there are special considerations, factors and potential health risks to you and the baby during pregnancy. Keep in mind that it will also take time to reintroduce exercise postpartum, so keep your doctor included in your plans to engage in physical fitness from the start of your pregnancy and even after your baby is born.

Physical activity during pregnancy is certainly more complicated and physically tolling than it normally would be. While you will need a fine-tuned plan, it is an important part of your health and your pregnancy to keep your blood flowing and heart pumping. Exercise with caution and under medical supervision and you can boost the health of you and your baby to help contribute to a healthy future for you and them.