The Step-by-Step Guide To Being An Ideal Bridesmaid

A bridesmaid usually tends to be a sister, a cousin, or a close friend. Although they may choose a bridesmaid or maid of honor from the opposite sex because of the varied nature of modern friendships, the job and responsibility of the designation remain the same.


Being a bridesmaid means agreeing to a relatively long list of responsibilities. You are a significant person to your bride. You will be expected to plan and attend all wedding ceremonies and be available and present on the assigned dates and appointments. As one of the quotes for bridesmaids says, 'Side by side or leagues apart, we are sisters hooked by the heart.'


Who will tell you what is expected of you?


Don't panic. Although a bridesmaid's responsibilities for the event will be divided, and you might not have to carry out all the listed duties, this article rounds up the ultimate list of responsibilities that will make you a flawless bridesmaid.


Shop for Attire


As a bridesmaid, you will be anticipated to go on for the wedding shopping in a group. The maid of honor may share the online shopping link so everyone is on the same page.


The bride might expect the dress to be coordinated with her wedding theme color and gown. The bride may have a day fixed with her bridesmaids for online shopping; choose one from the vast array of stunning, unique, and affordable dresses at your comfort.


Moreover, you can nod to stylish and flattering bridesmaid dresses with a simple click. You can opt for maxi-length gowns, short bridesmaid dresses, and classy floor-length velvet gowns for that perfect wedding where you can stand out. Try your outfit beforehand and be ready to pay for it.


Make sure that the selection of your apparel creates harmony with the bride tribe's dress.


Remember being in sync with other bridesmaids could be challenging, be polite, offer positive feedback, and calmly address the issues if any.


Bachelorette party


Most of the bachelorette party planning rests on the shoulders of the maid of honor, but bridesmaids do not fail to lend her a helping hand whenever possible.


The task could be divided, and you could help carry out a set of responsibilities. The work may include- preparing the invitation list, setting the dress code, deciding the venue, date, and time, planning activities, looking after the travel plans and accommodation, and more.


So, divide the work, enjoy the process and have fun!


Help with Wedding Planning


As the wedding date approaches near, offer immense aid to the bride and whatever she asks for, be it going to the florist, tasting and ordering the wedding cake, or even helping with the invitation list to the wedding.


Remember to show that excitement and willingness for each one of the tasks.


Furthermore, you could also be desired to help with activities such as stuffing envelopes, working on some DIYs, or even accompanying the bride for her hair-do and make-up trials.


You might be envisioned to get ready with the bride on the big day. So, fulfill the expectations and make your bride's wedding a super hit.


Attend the Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner


Before the main event, you may need to attend several events, like an engagement party, a meeting with the wedding planner, and a wedding rehearsal. Bridesmaids are wished to observe all pre-wedding movements to the best ability.


Furthermore, you can become a good rehearsal coordinator, as it could help couples walk down the aisle, knowing and guiding their seating and standing arrangements and practicing the speech for the actual day.


Remember that most people won't have seen the wedding venue before, so reassuring these prior preparations will make the big day smoother, less anxious, and more enjoyable.


It is a rehearsal that does not include any customs or traditions.


Buy a Wedding Present


It's tradition for the bridesmaid to buy a wedding gift for the couple. You, along with other bridesmaids and the maid of honor, can put your thinking cap on to decide the most memorable gift you can give.


If you don't want to give an individual gift, then all the bridesmaids can dutch and buy a classy gift. Bridesmaids can also provide a small staycation before or after their honeymoon trip.


Before purchasing the gift, take others' suggestions, and be polite if they differ in opinion.


Wrapping Up


One of the greatest gifts and expectations the bride will have out of you is showering all the emotional support that you can offer. Shower her with unwavering support and understanding, as this is when the bride will be super anxious and nervous. As a bridesmaid, let the bride know you are there to listen to her frets, take her out of the wedding tension, or spend time together getting pampered. Refer to the tips mentioned above to carry out your responsibilities as a superb bridesmaid.