What You Need To Know Before Buying A Baby Monitor

A baby monitor allows parents of newborn babies to watch them as they sleep. They are some of the equipment that helps moms and dads sleep-train their babies and simultaneously ease their minds. Baby monitors can also allow you to transmit gentle sounds that help your baby sleep. Nowadays, many baby monitor brands are on the market with different features. So, if you're planning to buy a baby monitor for your baby anytime soon, here’s some valuable information you must know before buying one.  

  • Go For A Smart Baby Monitor 

There’s a wide selection of brands available today, and each offers a unique set of benefits. However, you'll also find that there are conventional and innovative baby monitors, and you might wonder what the differences are.  

Some variations on the traditional baby monitor even let you watch your sleeping child via a live video streaming from the crib. But a smart baby monitor Australia consists of more than basic features. They can include any of the following:

  • temperature tracking
  • sleep patterns
  • nursery conditions
  • notifications

Smart baby monitors will also send alerts when your child needs immediate attention. Some baby monitors also have pressure systems that help parents track if the child is awake.  

You can opt for any baby monitor according to your needs. But the more advanced its features, the more likely you'll pay more. Still, some brands are both tech-advanced and affordable. It would be best if you did your research on them.  

  • Radio Frequency Or Wi-Fi?  

Data transmission to the parent unit varies among baby monitors Australia. Two common varieties are radio frequency (RF) and wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi). You must develop the ability to tell the difference between the two.  

RF baby monitors have a limited range. They can also expose your child to electromagnetic radiation. Regarding security, they’re not easy to hack and come with a parent unit that makes it easier for parents to use.  

On the other hand, Wi-Fi monitors connect to a stable internet connection that allows parents to stream real-time video of their baby. There are various functionalities that Wi-Fi connection can offer, such as monitoring the baby through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, the downside of Wi-Fi baby monitors is the increased possibility of security issues, as smart baby monitors can be hacked. Plus, you’ll need to have your mobile devices and Wi-fi connection at all times to monitor your child.  

That said, weigh the pros and cons to help you decide which is the safer option for you, as most parents will choose the one that won't endanger their child's health.  

  • Night And Day Clarity 

Wireless baby monitors that come with a screen have since been obsolete because of their dependence on display technology. They are sometimes unreliable because of the blurry and distorted imagery. However, moms of newborns would want to see the condition of their babies while asleep, even at night.  

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology has long replaced the old one and is currently used with mobile devices. Standalone baby monitors with a contemporary display are also available and suitable for nursery use. Also, if you're looking for a night vision feature, look for a grayscale or a lowkey green tint. 

Notably, if this is your first baby monitor, it's better to be realistic with your expectations as they won't have a colored night-vision feature for your child. 

  • Power Source Consideration 

To keep the video feed going without interruption, baby monitors and their parent units rely on internal batteries. However, some parent units only have a three-hour lifespan. If the child is merely napping, that will do. But for overnight sleep, it has to be plugged into a stable power source.   

Some battery capacity may be sufficient until you're using it. As a result of the high-power consumption of some functions, batteries tend to drain quickly. If you can, read consumer reviews about baby monitors to find one that’s appropriate for your needs.  

Remember that the baby monitor streaming must be continuous from the background if you use your mobile device to monitor the baby. Battery life may be a concern for extended usage of the baby monitor, especially on older mobile devices.   

So, it's crucial to research the different options for baby monitors and figure out which ones will serve your purposes the best.  

In Conclusion 

It's critical to weigh your options between conventional and smart baby monitors and RF and Wi-Fi, before making a purchase. Ideally, it should have a long-lasting battery and provide crystal-clear video streaming all day and night. Typically, baby monitors come with varying features, and the price will depend on them. Consider your needs and what you can afford, as there's bound to be a baby monitor just for you.