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Monthly Archives: November 2021

  1. 6 Reasons Your Children Should Play Sports

    6 Reasons Your Children Should Play Sports

    From football to softball, soccer to running track, a wide range of sports options are available to children of all ages. If your son or daughter isn’t already interested in playing a sport, now is the time to try to get them interested in it. Sports help your children in a variety of important ways.

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  2. 4 Tips to Keeping Your Picky Eater Healthy

    4 Tips to Keeping Your Picky Eater Healthy

    Dealing with kids who are picky eaters is a right of passage for parents. Just scroll through posts on any parenting blog and you will find lengthy conversations, many quite humorous, about the lengths parents will go to to get these children to eat. However, children who are extremely picky can develop diets that are so limited that they become deficient in many important nutrients which can lead to serious health concerns. So what should you do about your picky eater? Here are a few tips to consider.

    Check For Underlying Causes

    Although being selective about what they will or won’t eat is common with children, if your child’s diet has become so limited that you are concerned about their health or if their picky eating comes with digestive issues, it may be time to consult your doctor. Food sensitivities can indicate real health concerns such as gluten sensitivity or some autoimmune diseases that affect digestion. These issues will often require a specialized diet in

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