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Monthly Archives: April 2022

  1. Top Common Challenges New Moms Face

    Top Common Challenges New Moms Face

    If you are pregnant or a new mom, you are probably already aware that raising a new baby is a demanding task. Here are some of the top challenges new moms need to overcome.

    Too Much Unwanted Advice Can Be Overwhelming

    During pregnancy and after, people will give you unsolicited advice, whether it be strangers on the street or well-meaning loved ones. You may find it hard to handle these situations with grace when tired and overwhelmed. While many people are probably trying to be helpful, you most likely have done your learning and have a doctor who can help guide you on what is best for you and your child. If you need answers to questions you have, doing your own investigating on tips for new parents can help give you back some agency over your life, and it's okay

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  2. How To Help Your Kids Adjust to a Move

    How To Help Your Kids Adjust to a Move

    Moving is a big deal for everyone, but it is especially tough for young kids. After all, they know where everything is in their home. They may be close with their neighbors and friends.

    Whether you and your family are moving across town or across the country, your kids will have to get used to a new school, a new doctor and a new home layout. It is thus not uncommon for children's behavior to change following a move. Toddlers could regress in their development. Slightly older kids may get cranky or clingy. They could also lash out or have trouble sleeping.

    To make the transition as smooth as possible for your children, you need to be proactive. Before you even Google "sell my house," you should start helping your kids adjust to the idea of moving. Here are some ways to prepare your young children for a move.

    1. Talk To Them in Advance

    Children need time to adjust to a major change. Do not wait

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  3. Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression? How Do You Know What That Sad Feeling is?  

    Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression? How Do You Know What That Sad Feeling is?  

    Having a baby is supposed to be a joyous time for a family. After the anticipation of pregnancy, the baby’s arrival is often exciting and rewarding. But some women struggle after childbirth. Whether a baby it’s your first child or your fifth, it takes time to adjust to a new baby and the challenges they bring.

    But there are other challenges that women can experience after childbirth. Due to the changes in hormones and other potential factors, some women experience feelings of anxiety or depression after having a baby. People say that baby blues are normal after childbirth, but postpartum depression typically needs treatment. If you have had a baby, how do you know whether what you are experiencing is baby blues or postpartum depression?

    What are the baby blues?

    The “baby blues

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