4 Post-Partum Tips for New Moms

Adjusting to life as a new mom is a special milestone, and navigating it brings both joy and nerves. With your life revolving around everything baby, don’t forget to take care of you too. Read on to discover four postpartum tips for new moms that will help you feel empowered and help you to best care for your newborn. 

1.   Be Open About Bodily Changes

Your body is likely to go through many changes after giving birth. You may notice changes in your skin, hair, or weight just to name a few. It can feel discouraging to notice changes, and you may be missing your pre-pregnancy body. However, you are not alone. It’s important to remember that if you take care of yourself and find simple healing solutions, your body can recover faster. For instance, if you have unwanted scars or stretch marks, try a stretch marks therapy cream to help fade them. Or if you are noticing excess shedding of your hair you could consult your health care provider to find a prescription hair loss treatment that works best for your needs. However, make sure to discuss these changes with your provider if you are breastfeeding, as some medications may not be good options. Remember to also share your experiences with other new moms. This open communication between each other can be a great way to offer support and encouragement.

2.   Ease Into Exercise

When your body feels up to it, gradually return to getting some daily exercise. A nice way to get started would be to try getting yourself and your baby out in the neighborhood by taking a walk around the block. Rest assured your baby will be comfortable when walking if they are in a wrap and go sling. It would be even better to take the walk around the neighborhood up a notch by inviting a friend. This can help to break up your day and share time with others. Another great way to ease into exercise is to try yoga to strengthen your pelvic floor or try some pilates. Engaging in postpartum exercise can help to lift your mood along with other great benefits, like helping you to sleep better. 

3.   Take Some Time For Yourself

For new moms, motherhood is a big lifestyle change. From tending to your baby and all your other responsibilities, it can seem that there is no longer time for me time. However, there are still some creative ways for you to find me time and be able to take care of your bundle of joy. It is so important that you take time for these moments so that you can relax and recharge. For instance, when your baby falls asleep try relaxing by video chatting with a friend, reading a book, or focusing on your favorite hobby. If you are looking to try something new, check out these super fun hobbies for moms. Find little moments throughout the day for the activities you loved when it was just you.

4.   Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Being cognizant of your nutritional needs postpartum can help you immensely after giving birth. From helping you feel energized, to helping your body heal, the list is endless. For a well-balanced postpartum diet, reach for those nutrient-rich foods. Strive to eat leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds, a variety of fruits such as bananas and strawberries, good sources of protein, and avoid unhealthy oils and fats. If you are vegetarian or vegan look for alternatives full of iron and protein such as lentils and tofu. There are plenty of plant based postpartum options. Try checking out some recipes online.


Knowing how to best care for your body and wellness can be challenging at first for new moms. However, with the right healthy habits, you are sure to take charge of your postpartum health in no time. Tap into the resources around you for advice, and you will be able to soar through this new chapter of your life.