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Karen Barski

  1. How Young Parents Can Make Money From Home

    How Young Parents Can Make Money From Home

    We all know how difficult it is to be a parent: you want to devote time not only to the child, but also to yourself. When you are young, you still want to relax with friends and have fun, travel. But you need to get money from somewhere for all these needs. In this article, we will analyze some ways of earning money from home for young mothers and fathers.

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  2. Tips To Help Your Kids Make the Move to a New House

    Tips To Help Your Kids Make the Move to a New House

    For some children, a move means leaving the only home they've ever known, which can be traumatic. However, even when the experience is positive, it can still be overwhelming. It is up to parents to help ease this transition. The following tips can help make a move a good experience and give your kids a chance to adjust to their surroundings in a positive way. 

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  3. 5 Recommendations for Teaching Kids How To Swim

    5 Recommendations for Teaching Kids How To Swim

    Water activities can be super fun and provide loads of experiences, from invigorating to serene. For people who have pools or seek out lakes and rivers to swim in, who live on the coast or who visit water parks, swimming is tantamount to both happiness and safety. Swimming is a dynamic skill and learning how to swim can provide a person with a lifetime full of fun. 

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  4. Reasons Why a Pool is a Must-Have Backyard Feature if You Have Kids

    Reasons Why a Pool is a Must-Have Backyard Feature if You Have Kids

    Pools are a fantastic feature that can be a fun time for the whole family. They can present a wide range of activities and opportunities, including a lot of fun. While there are numerous reasons why pools are a must-have feature for families, some families find themselves hesitating.  If you still need some convincing, here are a few game-changing reasons why you and your kids need a backyard pool.

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  5. What You Need To Know as a New Parent

    What You Need To Know as a New Parent

    Becoming a parent is a life-changing event. The news of a new family member is often welcomed with excitement, expectation, and uncertainty. You can read all the books and theories but never feel fully prepared. Parenthood doesn't have to be that complicated. Parents of multiple children will often say that it gets easier as they learn to relax. Here are a few pieces of advice people wish they had received right at the start of their parenting journey.


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  6. How to Comfort Your Child During Stressful Situations

    There’s no question that the world can be a scary, overwhelming place – even for adults! Imagine how much bigger and scarier it can be for children. Whether your child doesn’t fully understand a situation or they seem to have specific phobias, there are plenty of scenarios that can cause them stress.

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  7. 7 Nursery Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

    7 Nursery Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

    Every new parent wants to welcome their newborn with a cute and functional nursery. However, as babies come with many things, you need to ensure there's enough room for everything your little bundle of joy will need. This can be incredibly challenging if you have a small home. Trust us - before you know it, your baby's room will be filled with toys, clothes, and cute baby accessories. But we don't mean to scare you; we're here to help you. We have prepared seven nursery storage ideas to maximize space. The best part is that these ideas will even help you save money and use things you already have. Now let's begin!

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  8. How to Ensure Your Child Develops Good Dental Habits

    How to Ensure Your Child Develops Good Dental Habits

    Teaching good dental habits to children is a struggle. For sure, many parents can relate to how challenging it is to make their young ones more mindful of their oral hygiene

    To make things easy, read on! We’ll share some practical and effective tips on how you can encourage the little ones to prioritize their oral health.

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  9. 6 Tips To Stay Active as a Family

    6 Tips To Stay Active as a Family

    There are a lot of reasons why getting active and staying active as a family makes a lot of sense. Most adults and children lead lives that are too sedentary and don't involve enough physical activity. Becoming more active as a family helps to keep everyone more healthy. It is easier to get your children to become more active if you set an example for them. Becoming active as a family helps everyone to develop healthier habits that can last a lifetime. 

    Now that you know why you should stay active as a family, here are some tips to help you get started. 

    1. Combine Activity With Other Healthy Habits

    There is more involved with getting healthy than just physical activity. Prepare healthy meals and adopt healthy eating habits, supplementing with fat burners for men if deemed necessary. On their own, healthy eating and physical activity can each have a modest effect

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  10. Common Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency In Kids | Woombie

    It is essential that humans get enough vitamins in order to function properly. Children, especially, need to be getting the appropriate amount of vitamins to ensure their healthy development. When a child doesn't get enough vitamins, it can cause a lot of serious health issues and interfere with mental and physical functioning. Knowing the signs of vitamin deficiency in children is the first step toward making sure your child is getting the nutrients they need in order to grow up healthy. 

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